Confidentiality Training for PSO and Provider PSES Workforce 


The Patient Safety Act requires confidentiality training for all PSES workforce who have access to PSWP.  This webinar provides in depth confidentiality training tailored for providers and PSO PSES workforce.  The training is intended to provide consistent information across the PSO Community to ensure that the confidentiality of PSWP is maintained to prevent breaches of confidential information, OCR investigations and potential penalties.  Additionally, the training will permit staff to easily identify what is PSWP and to protect the privilege for PSWP. The training also teaches providers the PSO vocabulary, discusses the three reporting pathways and identifies the activities that should occur in the PSES. 

Who should attend:  any provider or contractor who has access to PSWP; PSES workforce; PSO workforce; new workforce staff; IT contractors or other contractors.

A certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants.


Providers who are AQIPS members or are members of an AQIPS PSO member:Free

NonAQIPS members and contractors:   $50.00


Webinar Slides

National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) Webinar can be found here.
AQIPS members can access training slides and other presentations under the members only .